Planning a (Bridgend) Wedding on a budget
15th February 2011
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Will the wedding of you dreams break the bank?


It doesn't matter too much where you live in the UK (from Bridgend to Brighton) times are tough, budgets are squeezed and the average cost of a UK wedding is currently around £18,500 (even in Bridgend) so if there is a wedding equivalent to ‘Bah humbug’ then count me in particularly when the cost of a wedding would contribute considerably to a deposit on a property for a first time buyer.  Don’t get me wrong I am not anti-wedding but I am in favour of cutting your cloth according to your budget.  My own wedding was a budget affair with a home cooked buffet, tables in the garden, a dress from Laura Ashley and duty-free booze from France but on the plus side we had a fantastic day and had just bought our first house.  It’s all about priorities and a bit like Christmas Wish Lists – maybe you can’t have it all! 


The wedding industry is the ‘bread and butter’ of lots of local businesses and thankfully for them, there are lots of people who can afford the ‘big bash’ but there is no shame if you can’t, it just calls for a bit of imagination.  One of my favourite ‘do’s’ was a village wedding where guests walked from the church to a drinks reception in the garden of the (not large) house where the local music teacher supplied a jazz quartet.  This was followed by a hog roast with seating in a marquee on the adjoining sports ground.  A local band and a few mates supplied the entertainment. This wedding cost no more than 4k in total. 


So what if you don’t have a handy cricket field?  If you don’t have the space or don’t trust Bridgend weather, prioritise your venue but remember big isn’t always better.  Organising an evening event usually means you can slim down the guest list for the wedding breakfast.  Don’t just send out invitations to all and sundry –some of your older guests may prefer to go home after the reception, so you can populate your evening do (if you are having one) with friends who want to party all night.  If costs are escalating then consider whether you need a separate evening event … just have a later wedding.


These days the average cost for each guest attending a wedding is around £350 so a big wedding with all the trimmings can put a lot of pressure on your guests too.


If you are organizing your own wedding, then don’t be shy; tell people you are doing it on a budget and in these cash-strapped times, they will respect you for being thrifty.  Make your wedding special by choosing a theme ... a 1950’s theme will work with current fashion trends and give your guests the chance to have a bit of fun… remember that when you are looking back on your wedding photos in years to come, they will look dated anyway!


Don’t commit yourself to spending more than you can afford, fix a budget and stick to it. Make a list of your priorities (great frock or posh nosh) and use local providers and the internet to keep costs in check.  As most couples have already set up home together and may not need the traditional wedding gift list, think about asking for wedding vouchers – after in all in many cultures it’s cool to give cash to the newly weds.


On the Best of Bridgend a number of our local businesses supply wedding services so give them a call if you are looking for ways to trim your costs, they may be able to suggest affordable options:


Coed-Y-Mwstwr (enquire about the availability of wedding packages),

Christopher Lee and Vale Catering (Indoor and outdoor caterers),

Gareth Blunt Photographer (special offers available),

Gemini Fashions (Aberkenfig near Bridgend for affordable wedding guest outfits,

Boo, Maples and Shades hairdressers for affordable hair styling


If you have suggestions for an affordable Bridgend weddings, then let us know at The Best of Bridgend.


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