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13th June 2008
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As you can imagine running a website like thebestofbridgend means that I have a real passion for the internet. I first got interested when I discovered I could read French newspapers online (France is another passion).

There are some fantastic websites out there on the web and over the next few months I shall share some of the best (IMHO) with you.

To kick us off I suggest that you pay a visit to With so much talk of the credit crunch, this is a great site for anyone who wants to save a few pounds and read up on some consumer related issues. It is not the prettiest website because it is densely packed with information but it is worth persevering if it well save you a bit of cash.

The guy who runs it, Martin Lewis, is a well known broadcaster and often appears on the TV to share his money saving tips.

If you find a useful money saver on this site that you would like to share with the rest of Bridgend, then please register as a blog user and get posting!

If you need any help with registering, please email me and I will get back to you.


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