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11th August 2010
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I have had my first foray into the world of student finance, helping my daughter fill in her student loan application.  As I run a website I am happy to do most things on line but entrusting such an important process to cyber space seemed a bit daunting particularly after the much publicised debacle of late payments last year.  

I contacted the Student Finance section at Bridgend Council (BCBC) and am absolutely delighted I did so.  Following a quick phone call I was invited to take the necessary documents into the office in Sunnyside where all my questions and concerns were answered promptly and efficiently by a friendly council employee.  

My daugher's loan confirmation followed just over a week later and I can now breathe a massive sigh of relief knowing we have ticked all the boxes.  

I have contacted Student Finance at BCBC to let them know how pleased I am with the level of service they provide and I would urge all students and parents in the Bridgend area to contact them with any worries and concerns as they are only to pleased to help.  

Eileen Smith (Principle Student Finance Officer) has asked me to post a reminder to students to apply early for their continuing student finance so will do that in a separate post.


Contact Bridgend Student Finance on 01656 642629

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