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After undergoing an exciting refurbishment, The Nags Head would like to invite locals to its exclusive reopening party on Friday 8th February to celebrate
It’s absolutely lovely to live in a home with freshly painted or wallpapered walls. Once you’ve tidied and organised the house after having it decorated, everything seems so well organised, clean and fresh. However, before we get to this wonderful stage, there’s the preparation to get underway and of course the challenge of living in your house whilst it is being decorated, which can be quite stressful.
Every homeowner wants to make the best use of their domestic space by transforming smaller rooms into deceptively spacious areas but how?
Here's a few suggestions of some of the firework displays happening in and around Brentwood this firework night. A penny for the Guy!
How can I protect my pet on Bon Fire Night? Brentwood pet expert shares his advice for surviving the firework season
Is your business affected by new tax rules in relation to company-owned property?
Professionally organised firework displays are wonderful to take the family along to. If you are looking for firework displays in Brentwood then here's a few suggestions.
Halloween Events in Brentwood
Halloween Events in Brentwood
Here's a list of all the Halloween events happening in and around Brentwood. Great fun for all the family to enjoy. Trick or Treat time.
Need more space in your home? Why not find a builder you can trust in Brentwood
We are lucky enough to have not one, but two highly recommended dance schools in the local area – Adagio School of Dance and the Central School of Dance & Drama.
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