Why your virtual or digital family photo albums are at risk
5th January 2010
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We are all taking more photos than ever before with our digital cameras and phones, however we are only not printing less but not saving our memories  in real photo albums.

digital photography is great - it gives us freedom to:

  • take pictures without thinking of the cost of films
  • take picture without worrying about having films in stock
  • share
  • delete
  • manipulate - my wife loves "Air-Brushing technique"
  • access anywhere in the world
  • display all the memories in a digital photo frame
  • etc...

However, I wonder how my grandchildren will find my family photo-album the way I found my grandfather's. 

As memories get appreciated over time (e.g. if digital photography had been around when Elvis was a kid - most of them would have been deleted) my grandfather's photo album was not appreciated for a while after this death however about 5years later, everyone of his grandchild was suddenly interested

What we found in the album was:

  • the family photos kept chronologically
  • a little note under every picture identifying events, people, etc...
  • pictures of his Grandparents
  • etc...

now with having virtual or digital family photo albums are very good however, raises the following questions:

  • how can my family find these, 10 years after I have passed away? 
  • do you really think any Virtual Photo Album company is going to keep my photos available long after I stop paying?
  • Saving them on DVD - is only helpful if my future family is aware this - and what if these DVD's have rusted or I wonder if a 100yrs from now can still be played?
  • what if computer or hard-disk I was saving suddenly crashes or thrown out?

therefore I have come to the conclusion that, to leave a legacy and a sense of belonging, together with virtual photo albums I also need a real Family Photo Album that we all can SEE, TOUCH and FEEL.

WHY?  because there is a chance that this real photo album can be found even after 300 years.

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