Why do you need to invest in people development?
20th April 2010
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If a business does not develop people effectively they may decide to move on, taking with them knowledge about the business and its products, good experience and an individual link for clients to an organisation. In its place is the cost involved in recruiting a new staff member, put at £5,500 by recruitment consultant Angela Mortimer.

In order to create the right learning environment to enable your employees to benefit from Continuous Professional Development (CPD) you could follow these steps:

  1. Define a clear structure of what development solutions there are available and who they are suitable for.
  2. Use development solutions that include a variety of techniques.
  3. Agree the investment in development in terms of time and money.
  4. Create visible ‘role models’, providing insight into the role of senior positions.
  5. Help your staff develop both their strengths and their weaknesses.
  6. Establish objectives around CPD and review.
  7. Measure and evaluate continuously.
  8. Remember the little things like 'Thank you' and 'Well done'.

If you want to create an environment where continuous learning and development is an integral process, you will have to invest time and energy. In the long term the benefits can outweigh the costs. Spot and nurture talent as talented individuals can be an organisation’s biggest asset.

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