Why do you need a VA?
26th August 2009
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How a VA can help with marketing through Social Media

  • Update and monitor your websites
  • Optimise and publish articles on your Blog site
  • Add new pages, links, functionalities to your WordPress blog
  • Keyword research
  • Create and edit video and audio for online marketing – YouTube and podcasts
  • Set up your profiles and pages or revise your current profiles in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Set up a Facebook Fan Page or Group, publish new events, discussions and news
  • Set up your profile in targeted niche social networks
  • Create and publish your e-newsletter
  • Schedule and publish tweets, provide summary of tweets amongst your followers/those you follow

All these methods of communicating with future clients create a relationship that’s both personal and effective. They increase brand recognition and awareness with more chances that you will be remembered with an increased amount of followers spreading the word.

How a VA can help with business development

  • Setup a Contact Relationship Management system (some are even free!)
  • Enter details from business cards that you receive while networking into the system
  • Call referrals to book sales appointments
  • Manage your diary to make effective use of your time
  • Answer email queries from clients
  • Handle all business paperwork: expenses claims, invoicing, booking of events, travel, procurement, stationery orders
  • Create powerful PowerPoint presentations for sales pitches, project summaries, proposals
  • Write and research information for tenders and bids
  • Provide project management support based on Prince 2 methodology
  • Professionally format your reports, create automated templates in Word and Excel

If you outsource your admin to professionals you will have the time to focus on your business, develop your client base and increase its profitability. Some business owners think they can do all those tasks themselves so why should they outsource? Let me give you an example.

A financial consultant was earning on average £100/hour. He needed an Excel sheet done to analyse a big chunk of data in Pivot tables and then create charts and graphs to represent the findings in an easy to understand way. He spent over 2 hours struggling to get Pivot working properly and trying to manually format the data = he lost £200. He eventually outsourced it to us, a virtual assistant. We completed the job in 45 minutes = £15+VAT.
Saving if he used a VA straight away = £182.75.

As you can see using a VA is not an expense for your business, it’s a saving!


Tamara Baranova
TJConsulting - Your Virtual PA


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