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2nd April 2011
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Let me ask you all whether you have a mission statement and if you do, whether that mission statement expresses any core business values?


To elaborate, some businesses see their core value as being the best in the industry, and some such as public bodies see their true reason for being to be awareness of their product or service.


Some build their businesses to sell- and others would consider selling their business akin to selling off one of their children!


So what are your core business values? I’ll take the example of a commonly used word that may spring to mind- integrity.


I see integrity as what you say and what you do and what you feel are all aligned in the same direction.


This is apparent when you are out networking…have a think about someone you met that didn't do this- I bet you could see through them in a second and their lack of integrity was obvious. For example, you can always spot a sales person who doesn't believe in their product.


The question is, do you walk the walk and talk the talk- when you are out networking or meeting clients? If a client does not share your values would you do business with them?


There is no right or wrong here, just some food for thought- what are your core business values and are you true to these?


Rita Hemraj is Regional Director for Athena North London, contact me on rita.hemraj@theathenanetwork.com  


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