Vitamin Supplements - Are You Getting What You Pay For?
13th July 2010
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So this week I decided to see how a known high street retail store products compared to Usana’s Essentials in price and this is what I found!

Vitamin A £3.59
Vitamin C £3.99
Vitamin E £12.25
Vitamin B12 £3.49
Q10 £19.10
Calcium £2.99
Magnesium £4.50
Zinc £4.09
Amino Acids £5.99

9 mixture of vitamins and minerals comes to £59.99 – bearing in mind that for those of you who have attended my Thursday night seminars know that food grade standard supplements like most retail stores and supermarkets are selling are not necessarily going to absorb into your body correctly to help you live at optimal health!

The USANA Essentials deliver all 13 Vitamins, 12 minerals, trace minerals, and over 20 different antioxidants that one needs on a daily basis (Optimal daily dosages, Safe, Effective & Pharmaceutical Grade)  and all of this for only £35 a month! Approx a pound a day!

Who would like to attend my complimentary Thursday night seminar? I’m sure many of you have a financial plan in place, but do you have a health plan in place??

Brian Knapp- USANA Independent Associate - Nutritionals You Can Trust!

"Most people don't do well simply because they don't feel well" - Jim Rohn

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