“Virtual Assistant” is only a title
5th April 2011
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I’ve recently stopped telling people I’m a virtual assistant when they ask me what I do. This could happen at business networking events or at a local playgroup.

Why? Because it’s a title (like an accountant or a coach) and doesn’treally tell them anything about what I do and how I add value to my clients’ businesses.

So what would I tell them instead?

My answer is that I’m a business problem solver (or a productivity expert specialising in online marketing depending on who I’m talking to). Because that’s exactly what I do. Let’s look at a few examples of problems that you could have and how we here at TJConsulting can provide you with a solution.

Your Problem:You wish you had time to create an e-book from your blog content, articles or other original content, but you don’t even know where to start.
Our Solution: Send us your material and we can create that e-book for you,complete with images, links, exquisite formatting and proofreading. We will then set it up a product in your shopping cart along with a 3D product image to promote the ebook on your site.

Your Problem: You wish you didn’t have to run to your web developer every time you needed a special event or announcement added to your website. Or maybe you wish you could just give the entire site a facelift: for example, you’d love your WordPress site to have a more customised look, or at least a customised header and colours.
Our Solution: Let us help you move your website to WordPress, and make it super easy to add those special announcements and little tweaks. We can give it a fresh new look, with all the benefits of great SEO and social media integration.

Your Problem: You have a blog that’s been doing nothing since after the first 2 posts you managed to publish. You feel that you just don’t have time to blog!
Our Solution: You would be pleasantly surprised how much easier it will become when you send your draft content and let us complete it with links, keywords, images and proofread.

Your Problem: You are aware that using email marketing helps keep your business visible to clients, but you are not sure how to actually get started.
Our Solution: We can help you choose the perfect service for your email marketing campaigns, design a user friendly template, set up integration with your website and social media, create and implement an email marketing strategy to get your offers out to your clients on a regular basis.

Your Problem:You need to create a presentation for a conference you are speaking at but slideshows take forever to create.
Our Solution: Send us the material (Word document, hand-written or drawn slides, notes, links to online resources etc.) to be included along with your desired branding and we can create a PowerPoint template and slides for you. You will save time, stop feeling all frustrated with new technology and will get a fabulous looking, all singing and dancing, PowerPoint presentation.

Your Problem: You’ve managed to get a big report completed but don’t have time to format it.
Our Solution: We can help with formatting, styles, layouts, proofreading and creating a table of contents. You will get a consistency formatted and professionally looking document back saving you time and effort.

Your problem’s not listed? We are confident we’ve got the solution though.

Send us your problems by commenting on this blog, e-mailing directly or tweeting to find out how we can solve them (or enhance your personal productivity and business revenues by strategically implementing relevant online tools and an effective online marketing strategy – depending on how many clever long words I’m using when talking to someone!).

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