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10th February 2011
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Video what we see on web runs through software engine known as codec and Google announced in mid Jan 2011 their popular browser chrome will drop support for video codec H .264 so how much it is going to affect web industries.

Previous days there was only 3 solutions were used to run videos on web 1. Windows Media 2 QuickTime and 3. Real Media but due to grown bandwidth speed watching video on net become more easier and somewhere around in 2005 flash video has taken over whole web video market and trio support has been knock out off market completely. Still to run flash video browser should have flash plugin installed.

In taking into consideration video requirement on web HTML has introduced a tag "video" which dont require any plugin to be installed on your browser to run video on web. But as web page standard HTML5 specification does not specify which video formats, containers or codec has been included in tag so that browser can support. So now browser maker can decide with which format is appropriate to support in their browser. There are 3 video codec are uphold in market 1. H.264  2. VP8  and 3. Theora

1. H.264

H.264 is also popularly known as AVC got developed by coming toether few groups including famous MPEG. Best feature of this codec is delivers suprior quality with better fram rates and on other hand much small file size to run even on lower bitrates. Content compressed with this codec can be played back by a number of non-PC devices which can be run by your iPhone and gaming console. Due to such effective features many devices keep hardware to decode H.264 data and make use of it.

2. VP8

VP8 is new codec compare to H.264 made by On2 which even even Theora. Google acquired On2 in 2010, and brought to public as open domain. WebM, the container of choice for most current browsers, utilizes VP8 for compressing its video content and Vorbis for its audio. It produces content similar in quality to H.264. The most benificial part that it is completely royalty free, now and for the future and support devices and mobile.

Modern browser supports :

Firefox    : VP8 and Theora
Chrome  : VP8 and Theora
Opera     : VP8 and Theora
Safari      : H.264
IE9          : VP8 and H.264

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