Types of networking referrals
6th March 2011
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Are you clear on what type of referrals you are looking for?

Well, put it this way, if you are not crystal clear it will be very difficult for someone else to find the right kind of business for you that you really want.

To give you a bit of a prompt here, there are different type of referrals that you can get:

Systematic referrals- this is someone who is naturally aligned with your business and refers you to every client as a natural course of their business. For example, a beauty therapist who at the end of the treatment, either provides your product which is a soothing lotion or passes on a leaflet so the customer knows where to get it!

Raving fans- this is someone who has really benefitted from your product or service and tells everyone about it (especially useful for when you are in front of other potential raving fans)!

Your brochure- this is someone who has used your product and is a product of a product! That is, you can physically see the benefits of coming to you. For example, a client of a fashion stylist who now wears red lipstick and is asked about the change in her appearance to which she replies that the stylist changed her life!

When the occasion arises- this is someone who overhears a conversation or is in front of a family member or friend who says for example, I really need a good accountant! And they say “I know a really good accountant!” You might support this statement with a short testimonial you have or a friend has.

Proactive referrals- this is someone who goes to unusual lengths to make sure your product or service is known, maybe when the ‘need’ has not even been communicated. For example, arranging a special party with your friends for your fellow networker to demonstrate and get a chance to sell cosmetic products.

Working it together- this is someone who works directly with you. You might be part of one another’s brand or you may not but either way the alliance is a strong alliance and you may even pitch work together and offer a seamless service.

Rita Hemraj is Regional Director for Athena North London, planning a Visitor’s Event March 9th 2011 celebrating International Women’s Day in conjunction with London Digital PR. For more info see http://tiny.cc/Visitors_Event

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