Top Window cleaning tips from the Window cleaning professional
12th March 2010
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These are all things that you don't need to clean your windows smear free.
Window cleaning spray, Vinegar, Newspaper, Chamois Leather, Lemon Juice, Dry Paper Towels, Alcohol, Ammonia.

How to clean windows - the professional way
You will need; A good washing up liquid, a sponge or cloth, water, a squeegee (rubber blade), dry microfiber cloth.

1. Soap the sponge or cloth with the washing up liquid and water and then wring the majority of the water out.
2. Wipe the glass with the soapy sponge/cloth.
3. Place the squeegee vertically at the top of the glass and pull across to the other side of the maintaining an angle so the water moves down the squeegee blade.
4. Repeat across the glass overlapping your strokes (see diagrams below).
5. Use the dry microfiber cloth with your finger tip to wipe away any excess water from the glass, especially the edges of the frame.

by professional window cleaner - andy harvey


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