Top Tips to Improve Business Performance
16th December 2009
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Top Tips to Improve Performance
like ALL high performing sports-people most successful business-people also have more than one coach however not most business people not only understand the value of business coaching but even worse the the fact that they need coaching.
As it's so curcial for Business-person to perfrom I am grateful to Jennifer Lamski of JRL consulting, who has been recognised as one of thebestof in Business Coaching for the following Top Tips ...

  • Set yourself a goal that you would like to achieve in 6 months time. Make sure that it is specific, measurable, achievable and realistic in the time frame.
  • Imagine it is now 6 months time, and you have achieved your goal.
  • Paint yourself a very descriptive picture of what this looks like. What is happening?
  • Tell yourself in great depth, what is going on. How do you feel?
    What is the benefit of achieving this goal? What difference will it make to you?
  • How will you know that you have achieved it?
  • How can you measure success?
  • With 10/10 being utopia, calibrate where you are today on a scale of 1-10.
  • What are your current strengths in relation to achieving this goal?
  • What are some simple options that you may choose to carry out to move you forward?
  • Select at least 10 options.
  • Which of these 10 options will be the easiest to carry out?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to perform this new action?
  • If the answer is 10/10 fantastic, if it is lower, what needs to happen to make it a 10/10?
  • When will you accomplish this action?
  • Having completed this, decide on the next option that you may choose to implement.
  • By following this procedure, and being accountable to someone, to make sure that you keep on taking new actions, you will reach your goal and have improved your performance

Jennifer Lamski of JRL coaching & consulting

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