Top tips and guide how to choose the best Business Performance Coach for Business People
10th January 2010
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Experts are Experts only because they are better than average at what they do. Why? Because they use the services of a Personal Coach.  For Example have you ever wondered why every already Successful Sports-Person has a Coach.


However most Business People regard Coaching as a unnecessary Cost or regretfully feel inferior to seek the help of a coach on live in denial.  No Wonder most Business People remain mediocre and the ones who are successful do not want others to know one of the main reasons of their success - personal coaching.



"Am I NOW where I wanted to be or visualised to be 5years ago?"

So for the sake of one's who are not aware of this or want to be successful I asked Jennifer Lamski, One of the most successful Business Coaches in the NW London for the top tips how to choose a Business Coach -


Top tips and guide how to choose the best Business Performance Coach for Business People

The coaching relationship involves a coach facilitating the learning and development of another person, the coachee. All coaching should result in building a highly collaborative relationship where the coachee sets, focuses and achieves specific goals, with the coach inspiring and helping the coachee to carry out new actions to acquire new results.


  1. If possible, ask for recommendations from friends, colleagues. Many successful business people have their own coach. Being accountable and having non judgmental support can take you from ordinary success to extraordinary success.
  2. Also look at The Best of Directory for the best coaches in your area and read the testimonials from satisfied clients.
  3. Make contact with a couple of coaches and establish what can they offer you? It should be goals focused and results orientated?
  4. Ascertain that they have a coaching qualification, all professional coaches should.
  5. Do they have a track record in the area you wish to be coached in?
  6. Ask for a coaching demonstration/initial free of charge consultation.
  7. During the initial conversation and demonstration did you feel that there is potential for you to develop an open and trusting relationship?  You must be able to feel at ease and be open to share any information whatsoever.
  8. A good Coach should be able to help you realise if you need help and in what area.
  9. Listen carefully to the language the Coach uses; are they using words that encourage action?
  10. Are they asking powerful questions that elicit useful information?
  11. Have you become more aware of your strengths, focusing on the positive and your future?


These are the personal opinions of Jenny Lamski of JRL Coaching & Consulting.

She is happy to offer a free of charge initial consultation/demonstration CLICK HERE


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