Top 5 tips on Clean web layouts
18th September 2010
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1. Color Theme
With white background and on top combination of 2 colours shade either from company logo or suitable to business (e.g. IT business websites can have Blue and gray) can work best as clean colour theme.

2.Concept & Layout selection
Positioning place holder for different section on website with simplicity and mild colour background makes more sense to empower clean layout.

3.Menu and Links (Navigation)
Key factor to navigate between different pages on website should be classic with highlighting menu and link with dark colour and should have some change on mouse hover and active page link.

Representing content write up with perfect formatting and making strong points highlighted with key colour brings out better readability and easy understanding.

Website interface needs to be so easy that visitor can get required details easily and don’t have to look different section and pages to reach up to required data.

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