Top 5 Solar Power Panels Myths for UK
8th October 2010
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Top 5 Solar Panels Myths for UK



The UK is not sunny enough for solar panels



NOT TRUE. Technology has moved on since that myth was born. Solar panels are powered by light, not heat, so they do not need to be in direct sunshine. There is sufficient light, even on a cloudy day, for solar panels to harvest the energy they need to generate electricity to power your home.


Accordingly, solar panels will generate from sunrise to sunset. That means at the height of the British Summer you could get around 17 hours of free electricity every day.


The German climate is very similar to that of the UK and since it overtook Japan in 2004, Germany has been the world leader in annual PV installations. In 2006 it became the first country to install more than one gigawatt in a single year.



Solar panels don’t work in Winter.



NOT TRUE. Solar panels work well in the winter even when the days are shortest. As soon as day breaks, the light is absorbed by the panels and they immediately start to generate electricity. The only thing that can inhibit the output from our panels is a snowfall that blocks the light, but, sadly, due to global warming this is no longer a common event of the British winter. Even when it does happen it rarely lasts for any length of time.



The installation will be too complex and disruptive.



NOT TRUE. Highly trained and efficient fitting teams can fit an entire roof in less than two days. Most of the installation technology will actually be tucked away in your loft space and next to the incoming electricity supply, which is usually next to your distribution board. It is not a disruptive process at all. It is quite straightforward.



Solar panels are fragile.



NOT TRUE. Solar technology, designed for space exploration, has shown to be both robust and reliable. All solar panels have been subjected to detailed and rigorous testing before being approved by Microgeneration Certification Scheme MCS for sale in UK . Solar panels are encapsulated in both toughened glass on exposed areas and a weatherproof resistant polymer on the underside.



Solar panels cannot significantly offset environmental emissions.


NOT TRUE. When generating electricity PV systems produce no atmospheric emissions or greenhouse gases. Compared to fossil-generated electricity, each kilowatt of PV electricity annually offsets up to:


16 kilograms of nitrogen oxides


9 kilograms of sulphur oxides


2,300 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2)


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