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9th July 2010
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I met Tony Robbins’s promoter at the Excel Centre while Tony was running his seminar with 12,000 people in the room at £800 per head (£10 million) –

I though WOW! And am I coming to him to offer him marketing advice?

Maybe I should be asking him to give me some advise – he was doing okay.

Then the promoter told me that 70% came from "word of mouth" (the most effective form of marketing) recommendations –

so I suggested rather than find other ways to market why not just increase what you are already good at.

Why not just increase to amount of recommendation that you are already receiving.

He asked me how – I said provide the graduates when they finish the seminar with a PromoCard  – which they are likely to keep and will recommend your business or service in 45secs without saying a word.

As they start jumping up and down telling their friends how wonderful Tony was they can now also show them a TONY-PromoCard (delivering in Tony's own words)  it will like lead to more recommendations.

So he did and it did


"Why let business slip  through your fingers!

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