the Power of Invisible Influencers in Business
16th May 2010
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The Power of Invisible Influencers:

My wife commented that I looked a little flabby and tired - and suggested I should join a Virgin Active in our village?

I responded "am too busy to join at the moment" but my wife, with her patient nature, politely mentioned again after a few weeks.

Visited the Virgin Active and after listening to the Sales Pitch - I Joined

Now the Salesperson may think the reason I joined was because of his helpful sales-pitch, Virgin Active may think it's because it's their great clean facilities, ample parking, fantastic swimming pool, sauna, etc....

To a small degree, Yes! - however the main reason was and the only reason I joined was because my wife's comments and suggestion - period!

Now I call this invisible influence - and looking after these invisible influencers (people who CARE) is what most of business people and businesses ignore.

Know yourself, Know your Business and Get other people - to talk about you, - recommend you .... preferably to other people offline, and on other people's website... twitter, facebook, youtube, thebestof etc....

Selling may be an intellectual Process while Buying, without a doubt, an Emtional Decision:

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