The Power of Cold Shower
1st February 2010
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Does the thought of a Cold shower send a shiver down your spine!

Well you're right, it does, but once you've got your head around it, you will feel and see all the benefits very quickly.

The COLD shower stimulates and the HOT shower relaxes; together they act like a hydraulic pump, which helps blood circulate from the core to the surface and back again very quickly.

The body works the best when the internal temperature is maintained at 37c, so when you have a a hot shower, the blood rushes to the skin's surface maintaining the internal body temperature and preventing it from over heating.

During the cold shower, the blood rushes to your internal organs, keeping the internal temperature constant.

How to have a Hot and Cold shower:

Once you have rinsed off the soap:

1) slowly turn the water cold, take it as cold as you can
2) gently massage your self in upward strokes, and keep moving around, do this for 1 min
3) turn the water to warm up again and shower for 1 min
4) Repeat 1 and 2 again
5) Do the hot and cold process a few times and always end on a cold shower.

Your muscles will start tingling as the blood start circulating around your body as you go between hot and cold water.

Benefits: as the blood moves around the body from the surface to the internal organs, fresh oxygen and nutrients are being delivered all around and the results are great.

  • increase circulation
  • improved skin tone and appearance
  • leaves you more alert
  • helps remove toxins from the deeper layers
  • reduce muscle tensions and fatigue

Now you can get that Red carpet glow too!

Read more about the benefits and the science behind it at Earth Clinic

If you have any concerns please seek medical advice if on medication, high/low blood pressure, or pregnant.

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