The PC Support Group turns PC!
15th November 2009
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A shop owner who bought two stolen laptops was caught after we tracked him down by using remote technology and taking a snap of him on a webcam.

The PC Support Group was able to trace the two Samsungs after they were taken from the office of Linda Adkins, company secretary at The International Coaching Academy.

Using a combination of software and remote technology, our IT engineers were able to pinpoint the exact location of Samir Haddad and hand a dossier of evidence to the police. We even activated a webcam and took a picture of him. Today Haddad pleaded guilty at Liverpool Magistrates Court to two charges of receiving stolen goods.

Using our systems and a combination of software, we were able to take copies of the important files even after they had been stolen and retrieved vital work records including client confidential information.

We then captured the applications being used and activated the webcam. We were able to keep track every time someone logged on and see exactly what they were looking at on the internet.

This included the Auto Trader website which meant we knew exactly where he lived when he keyed in his postcode.

Linda said: “The laptops contained several years’ worth of work. Unfortunately I hadn’t backed up the computers or copied anything to discs.

“Losing work information was a massive disruption, before this I just took for granted that all my important documents would be completely safe on my machine.

“Without the clever systems of The PC Support Group, we would never have got those laptops back.”

Haddad was given a curfew order for three months.

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