The not so obvious reasons why people decide to sell their business Part 1
5th August 2010
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When starting a  new business, the business owner has unbridled enthusiasm and huge ambitions to grow their company into the next big thing, or at the very least provide a comfortable alternative to working for an employer. As time goes on though, things always change.

Below is a list of reasons I have come across in my time in acquiring business which will surprise some of you and hopefully show the rest that no matter the situation there is always a way out!


Getting rid of the pressure

The most common reason is when the business is in trouble and needs a business turnaround or business recovery person to help the company. Few people set out to run an insolvent business.

And because of the many different circumstances the business is under pressure. Failure to make a decision can be fatal. Often this is improved when a decision is taken. Whether closure or rescue and restructure there will still be pressures (of a different kind!). 

Crystallising the position

Related to above. It is important to draw a line in the sand. Even if the decision is to explore all options, compare and discuss and then wait for other pieces of the jigsaw to fall into place - that is a decision. But monitor progress and ensure that together you are achieving the set objectives.

Getting on with your life

Perhaps it is just time to walk away and get on with something else, another business venture perhaps. It is rarely as bleak as you think to close a business - life does go on. 

Saving your marriage

The pressures can be very difficult to leave at work. Your spouse may also be part of the business. If so then involve them in the decision making process. They often have an ability to see past the pressure points to the bigger picture. Decide if the business pressure is worth losing your marriage?  


If this sounds like you and you would like to speak to someone about this then please call Rupen Shah from Opus Una Ventures Ltd on 07868809350

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