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20th November 2009
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 Come to the next Business Club Meeting at Hendon Hall on Tuesday 1st December and find out :

Is the market place discussing you, your products or services?  If not, why not?  Are your customers taking you for granted?  Do they buy some of your offerings, but go elsewhere for some of the things you do?

Chances are they think you are boring.  Perhaps not you personally, but your business.  You are not alone.  Large numbers of businesses (SMEs in particular) are boring.  Because it’s safer.

However, boring doesn’t sell.  If your business is down, don’t just blame it on the recession.  What’s happening is that customers are getting more choosy about where, and with whom, they spend their money.

It’s time to redefine your brand, your offerings, your sales strategy.  Time to identify what might make you a must have in your market place.

Let Phillip Khan-Panni re-ignite your fire.  In a fast-paced talk called Boring Doesn’t Sell he will reveal how the adrenalin bypass has left many businesses loitering in the layby, and challenge you to dare to be different.  An international champion speaker and business consultant, he’s anything but boring.  Don’t miss this event.



PHILLIP KHAN-PANNI is a professional speaker, author and business consultant.  He coaches business leaders in leadership, communication skills and cross cultural understanding.  A co-founder of The Professional Speakers Association (PSA) and past branch chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, he has a business background in sales, advertising and direct marketing.  On one national newspaper, he was tasked with doubling the revenue in one year, and tripled it in just 10 months.  He has won more speech contests than anyone in Europe, including UK Champion a record seven times, and is the UK’s only World No.2 in Public Speaking.

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