The Best are at the Top
4th June 2010
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In a hotel the Presidential Suites are on the top floors

In an office building the Directors offices are on the top floors

In a residential building the Penthouses are on the top floors

Why is it that the best rooms are at the top?  Because of the views and the higher you are the more impressive the view.


The top floor is where the top people hang out and these top floors command the premium prices.  But it is difficult to sell this when clients can’t see the view. Dirt and grime on the windows hide that view, blocks out the sunlight which shows the room in its best light.  Clean windows bring the light in and ensure that your view is uninterrupted.  Did you know that one of the first things people do when they walk into a room is to look out of the window.  See for yourself when you next walk into a room or watch your clients as they walk into your office.  Views sell property and rooms.  Ensure that you have a clear view that sells your property or impresses your client.  

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