The Afters of your Business
11th February 2011
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We only get one shot to make an impression. In business networking groups we are given 60 seconds to present our business, but in reality, a judgement is made about us before we even get up from our seats.

We have millions of receptors in our brain processing information that isn’t even visible to the eye. It might be the level of energy the person has, their pitch or their posture which makes us make the judgement.

A great way to know what kind of impression you make is to ask somebody! The most effective presentations are ones that are practised so why not get together at someone’s house or place of business and practise that presentation and get feedback?

It is so important, so let’s make it count. Now, I want to challenge you not to say how long your business has been established, or even what different products and services you provide.

I want you to tell me what it is that customers FEEL after dealing with you? So for example, what do you think if I say I am part of Usana Health Sciences (most of you probably don’t care and would maybe even change the subject with me)!

But what if I say I help people to loose weight by eating chocolate bars, or help people have so much energy they feel like they are 20 again but with better judgement? Maybe you would listen a little closer, right?

So do a quick brainstorm on how you can introduce yourself in multicolour! Just as an example, a risk analyst could introduce themselves as a “bomb removal expert”! Or if are a tax specialist you can say “I give people a free holiday at the end of the year” because of the money you save them on tax.

Andy Bounds, writer of The Jelly Effect calls this the AFTERS, what the person gets from doing business with you and not what you are.

Rita Hemraj is Regional Director for Athena North London, planning a Visitor’s Event March 9th 2011 celebrating International Women’s Day in conjunction with London Digital PR. For more info see

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