Some of thebestof Unsung Local Business Heroes often get lost between two extremists?
22nd May 2010
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Have you ever experienced while driving, when you are behind a ‘slow – slow’ driver... driving you nuts?

And to make matter worse... at the same time you get an impatient driver behind you tail gating? 

How helpless do you feel sandwiched between these two extremists in a single no-overtaking lane that does not allow you any alternative options?

Well that’s exactly how helpless some of these local businesses who deliver, offer value, personal service, go an extra mile, offer advise that saves a fortune, etc..  feel stuck when almost everyone talks and hears about (word of mouth) ...

...Household names like Apple, Google, Tesco, John Lewis, Amazon, M&S, etc... and the small minority of notorious local rip-off businesses. 

I am sure there are local business heroes in every village, town, city, etc... Therefore Help me Shout  about the Unsung Local Business Heroes. 

Tell me and others about thebestof your area but start with some of thebestof local businesses in my area (NW London) take simply takes my breath away ...

Gurkha Valley – Chef Owner, Krishna, with over 30 years experience delivers Traditional Authentic Indian Food that is not pre-prepared. Everytime!  So confident that he says if you are not satisfied you pay nothing!   

Aire Serv – Air-Conditioning does not have to be an Air Con – just because we cannot see air that does not mean there is no such thing as contaminated Air – Could be something in the air.  I heard Airlines recycle 70% of the air in economy class – no wonder I feel so tried that I need a another holiday after flying back

Rikyu Health & Beauty
– Holistic Beauty that guarantees natural beauty which is not simply skin-deep.   If not satisfied, forget about Rikyu giving your money Back – I will!

County rents –gets rent for landlords above market value,  no commission,  guaranteed rent, etc..  Now  I call this  a real Armchair Landlord Service

VSourz – with millions of websites being uploaded, ask yourself, how will your website be noticed?  With over 300 clients and over 120 people supporting them makes this one hell of an SEO & web-development company.


Studio V Architects - from small extentions to large property developments, this firm of architects have always managed to design to increase the value of the property developed above market value

And for other highly selected thebestof businesses in the NW London Click Here


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