Solar Energy Adviser says The UK is not Sunny enough for Solar Panels.
8th October 2010
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Solar Energy Adviser says The UK is not sunny enough for solar panels.

Solar panels are powered by light, not heat, so they do not need to be in direct sunshine.

There is sufficient light, even on a cloudy day, for solar panels to harvest the energy they need to generate electricity to power your home.

Accordingly, solar panels will generate from sunrise to sunset. That means at the height of the British Summer you could get around 17 hours of free electricity every day.

The German climate is very similar to that of the UK and since it overtook Japan in 2004, Germany has been the world leader in annual PV installations.

In 2006 it became the first country to install more than one gigawatt in a single year.

Solar Power Technology has moved on since that myth was born.

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