So how do you choose the right type of IT Support Company
27th December 2009
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When I am socialising or networking; Friends, Family and associates always ask me  “So how do you choose the right type of IT Support Company”?


The last time we searched on the web there were over 2000 companies in London alone providing IT Services of some sort or another so you can imagine that competitiveness in this sector is fierce (


Choosing IT Support in London or a company anywhere nationally the same principles will apply.

These service providers will come preaching that they are the best but will come with different prices and levels of competence, I have listed some obvious things that most people tend to ignore.

Top tips:-
1. Price: - Don’t go for the cheapest no matter how tempting. The least expensive “Service Provider” is not necessarily going to provide a reliable service or meet response times. Remember that every company have bills to pay and Qualified Skilled Engineers who keep up to date with ever advancing Technology don’t come cheap.

2. Product & Quality: - IT Company’s offering to provide support at half the cost of anyone else? Find out why this is – There may be a catch!

3. Detail: - What does the offer of maintenance support service actually cover you for? Get a detailed proposal not simply a 2 page summary. Is it all inclusive? – Parts, Labour, Loan…

4. Location: - Where your IT Service provider is actually based is critical to how fast they can respond when you need an Engineer to attend onsite.

5. Out to Lunch? - Help desk availability is very important! They need to be there when you need them, as is an excellent skills set look for Investors in People or similar accreditations.

6. Here today gone tomorrow: - Carry out a thorough credit check – there are too many IT companies going bust. Visit the companies premises and ask to see whatever you require as proof that they actually live up to their claims and are delivering in the workplace.

7. Long term relationships: - Find an organisation that not only meets your needs but surpasses them. Remember you are a growing company and your needs will change – you don’t want to change your IT company, Lawyer, Bank, Doctor too often.

8. References: - Take up references and make sure that their customers are truly satisfied. - are they recognised as thebestof by their clients

9. Compare Apples with Apples: - Ask what their overall charge is for a yearly IT contract with an unlimited number of call outs or technical support calls, and compare this also with their hourly or daily rate for a well qualified Engineer.

10. Accreditations: - Choose an organisation that is improving their own partnerships with major Computer vendors through training programmes and merits.

11. Quality & Quantity: - The number of Engineers that an IT company actually employs is not as important as the QUALITY & RATIO of customers to Engineers.

12. Depth & Breadth: - It makes sense to outsource to an IT Services and Solutions provider that are experts at supporting YOUR network infrastructure, Network Security, Firewalls, Installations, Upgrades, Disaster Recovery and many other areas.

13. In or Outsource: - Weigh up the costs and benefits, a good all rounder with the necessary qualifications and exposure will cost over £50k to employ and also needs to be directed, managed, etc... Take Holidays and sickness in to account.  Rather than employ a singular full time IT Technical Support person in-house choose an IT company with a full complement of qualified people.

14. right for YOU: An IT support company that may be suitable for a corporation may not be suitable for a One-person business. 


 the IT support companies that have been recognised as thebestof by their clients in central London, Harrow, Brent, NW London, etc...


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