Smile - Whatever happended to the Kodak Moment?
1st December 2009
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The once-mighty global brand leader in film lost its way -

Cross Research Group LLC - comments ....

... Suspending the dividend will save $134 million a year, Shannon Cross, an analyst with Cross Research Group LLC, wrote in a research note today.

“We remain concerned over Kodak’s use of cash in 2009 and 2010,” said Cross, who is based in Livingston, New Jersey, and recommends selling the shares.

Kodak was a Brand Leader in imaging, Kodak had a network, Kodak had one of most innovative technical team of talented people, Kodak had the Respect & Trust of their Family (customers), Kodak also crossed almost every t's and dotted almost every i's


  However what Kodak may have lacked - was the Direction 

  1. A Leader who could have made the change rather than embrace the change
  2. They forgot to look after their family (customers)

I remember in late '90's, when it was suggested that all Kodak's analogue customers (their family then - using film) were tomorrow's digital customers - but kodak only concentrated in digital advancement without embracing their Family.  Recently a Major Phone Company also has also suffered for not embracing their family effectively.


It does not matter if you are a small company or a very Large one.  It's not only  about spending on delivering the most advanced technological gizmos but also about relationships with your family (customers).  Embracing the family by understanding, anticipating, creating and delivering their desires and aspirations. 

Kesh Morjaria - the best way to lead is first to be the Leader of Oneself.

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