Skywalker's light sabre cuts through dull pension landscape
17th August 2010
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Whatever the reason, the stark reality is that pensions need re-branding for the iPod generation. There is no doubt that the content and language of this highly regulated area of financial planning is hard to make engaging. Each successive government has made saving into pensions schemes less attractive through hidden taxation. The value of pensions savings for most people, has either shrunk or grown at a minimal rate over the past few years and it is the worst of these cases that the press sensationalises.

The Holy Grail is to find ways of explaining pensions and investment options, in a way that motivates action, to a disenchanted generation with a very short attention span. What could be more "sexy" and "cool" than investing in a film company that have three films planned with award winning writers, producers, directors and A-lister stars, with the legendary Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker (and his light sabre!) involved in the entire project? With a minimum £25,000 investment, it may be hard to see how this links to pensions and the generation turned-off by them!

How about not having to put your hand in your pocket or raid your bank account? If all you had to do was entertain the possibility of rejuggling pension savings you have already committed would you want to hear more? And if you met or exceeded the 25k threshold for investment by simply redirecting a sensible part of your pre-tax earnings you had already waved goodbye to till retirement, wouldn't that be even more amazing?

Orchid Financial Services and SolutionsForce are seeking investors on behalf of Berkeley Square Films launched by Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker fame) and involving such industry leaders as Michael UslanOwner and Executive Producer of the Batman film franchise. For those looking for an alternative way to grow their pension funds, the three films predicted to range between good returns and blockbuster revenues by the industry gurus at Nash, have received EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) approval so tax advantages are already in place for would be EIS investors.

Working with Montpelier Group, a leading SIPPs administrator and wealth management company, Orchid Financial Services and SolutionsForce have added a new channel for investment through a SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension) This will provide an exciting investment opportunity with a way of "wrapping" or introducing the subject of pensions to a disenfranchised generation, giving an alluring alternative investment for those with a more adventurous attitude to risk.

For further information, contact the investment team on:

+44 (0)20 3130 4767

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