Should we run a seminar on social media?
1st April 2010
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At our Food Innovation event there was a lot of discussion about social media – not the ins and outs of what it all means, but actually how it works in practice. One of our presenters explained how she is using Twitter and Facebook to reach out to her customers, and all attendees said that they’d love to learn more.

In fact we here at Knowledge Peers are on exactly the same learning curve as everyone else when it comes to social media. You may have noticed that we’ve just recently started to use Twitter, for example. Have we got it right? Who knows!

So we’re wondering if the next seminar we hold should be on social media. Not a blue-sky session for big-company marketeers and strategists, but something for CEOs who are wondering whether it’s an effective use of their organisation’s limited resources. For instance, is it right or appropriate for the marketing function to ‘own’ social media? What practical considerations do you need to be aware of? How do you measure the results? And, of course, what are the effective uses of social media for smaller businesses?

What do you think - should we hold this seminar? Please click here to vote! 

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