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29th January 2010
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Say it loud – the plans are in place and the're ready to make some noise.

Since his last blog, “If you have something to say, Say it loud…”  which was about getting financial funding for 'Say it Loud' - the Community Interest Company, one of our members David Berkoff of Berkoff Design, has now developed and started to implement a strategic marketing strategy to attract sponsors.

Aided by the power of networking, I introduced him to Simon Bradley of Solutions Force through The Business Club.

Solutions Force are experts in helping organisations to raise funding and to develop their propositions to attract the right investors and have helped prepare and structure the copy for an information sponsorship document.

Through the Business Club we have also made contact with Simon Wittenberg of V12PR and Emma Rose, 'The Capable Manager' - marketing strategists who have offered their professional help when the time is right.

Who needs a massive Marketing agency when we have a wealth of talent in an array of disciplines at our finger tips? Through the Business Club we have all this business know-how and experience at our disposal.

Berkoff Design have now created the branding for Say it Loud and their two projects, the Creative Arts Project (CAP) and Knowledge is Power Project (KIPP). Using this branding, they are now developing the structure and helping to design and organise the content for the web site.

Although Berkoff Design and Solutions Force have given their time and expertise to help launch 'Say it Loud', there is an urgent need for funding to help deliver the projects and this is their next goal.

The Say it Loud sponsorship document is available on request;

Email David Berkoff:

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