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7th November 2008
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One of my morning breakfast-networking meeting had a presentation from Mervyn, DP Driving Partners Ltd - demonstrated how fuel costs can be reduced - see his 11 tips listed below.

I was also amazed to learn that UPS in USA, by re-routing, their vans to take right turns (allowed in US - our left) have saved Millions of dollars a year - now that innovative thinking.

11 Tips for Saving Fuel

Start / Moving Away

Try to avoid excessive revving when starting your engine and moving away


Use the accelerator smoothly and progressively. When appropriate take your foot off

the accelerator and allow the momentum of the vehicle to take you forward. Avoid

pumping the accelerator as this uses more fuel.

Make intelligent use of gears

It's not always necessary to change up or down through each gear; try skipping gears.

As soon as conditions allow, use the highest possible gear, without making the engine


Travel at the correct speed for the conditions

Ensure that your speed is appropriate to the road, traffic and weather conditions.

Consider how inappropriate speed can affect fuel consumption and emissions.

Planning Ahead as far as possible / Early recognition of

potential hazards / Anticipation

Identify hazards early, allowing adequate time to react - this will result in braking and

acceleration that is smooth and progressive. Maintain space around your vehicle and

drive calmly.

Use Engine Braking

Use engine braking when possible. With your foot fully off the accelerator the engine

needs little, if any, fuel.


When you are stuck in traffic or waiting for someone, the engine is idling so you are

wasting fuel and adding to CO2 emissions. If you are likely to be at a standstill for a

while, simply switch off your engine

Leaving Your vehicle

When leaving your vehicle in a parking bay or driveway - Reverse in to Drive out. A

cold engine uses more fuel when maneuvering.

Service & Vehicle checks

F uel

L ights

O il

W ater

E lectrics

R ubber

Y ou

Regular Daily Checks Reduces Overall Motoring Costs to both

Your Pocket

The Environment

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