Roadside Mechanic to Entrepreneur and Business Owner
24th March 2010
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Back in 2005 I found my self in a situation that i believe many of us are finding ourselves in today.....

My journey started back in 1993. I found myself sitting in my headmasters office having my end of high school review, i remember this day so clearly. My headmaster was reading over my GCSE grades, not the greatest but also not the worst. My headmaster said " Brian , judging by your grades and i was more of a hands on person, i would consider a career in the field of Motor Mechanics". Guess what i became,  a Mechanic! please dont take my story as a dig at mechanics as this is just my story.

I spent up to 9 years learning the trade working for various garages, redundancy after redundancy. I finally reached a point where i was offered a high paying job for a well Known company as a roadside mechanic, I was given a nice new van to drive, pension etc and  life couldnt of been better.

Its now a couple of years on and i'm starting to wake up in the mornings dreading going to work doing the same thing over and over again, does that sound all too familiar?. I found myself day dreaming most days on what could be possible and then quickly residing back to reality. But something inside was eating away at me day by day. I new i was destined for more ! My mentor in the job, lets call him Bob for now, always said to me there is so much more for you to achieve and do in this world , there was also alot of regrets from people id spoken too wishing they'd achieved more in their lives, this was an all too familiar scenario and still is today unfotunately. As you can imagine this kept fuelling the fire in me more and more. 

Things went from bad to worse when my father suffered a stroke having to medically retire due to partial blindess in one eye which effected us all greatly.Unfortunately my good friend and mentor (Bob) passed away whilst working on the roadside , apparently a sudden heart attack and only in his late 50's. These situations were a real turning point in my life. One day (2005), the Universe opened up to me,  i over heard a phone conversation with a friend to one of his friends, i could here him talking about a company and business opportunity that was changeing peoples health and lives and my ears immediately pricked up, although my friend didnt seem to interested! I certainly was! Eventually we met and he gave me a CD to listen too , The impossible can become the Inevitable by a lady called Collette larsen. This was what i had been searching for.

I realised i had two choices , i could stay where i was and be comfortable and average or i could choose the other route which was uncomfortable but exceptional. I chose uncomfortable and exceptional. I have had my challenges on my journey and still do today, i have realised that this is just part of the journey and the process of becoming successful in all areas of life and in business. Today myself and my team of entrepreneurs are now impacting so many peoples lives with the exceptional company i chose to align myself with. My business now spans across the UK and two international countries. I have met even more exceptional entrepreneurs in all fields on my journey. Back in 2008 i was invited to speak in-front of 700 people in America at a company training event. Last year i truly realised how far id come on my journey by having dinner with one of the top motivational speakers and business coaches in the world, Denis Waitley. I think the real point of this story is that anything is possible no matter what background you come from, they say Where your attention goes energy flows!

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