Piano teacher hails Harrow pupil’s 'extraordinary' exam result
14th August 2014
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A young piano player got nearly full marks in her first musical exam at just seven years old.

Ahana Hegde, of North Harrow, scored 99 out of 100 on her grade one piano theory exam to the delight of her music teacher.

Mignonette Aarons, who teaches piano, singing and music theory from her home in Kingsbury, said: “I have had students who have got high marks before but for someone of seven to get results this high is quite extraordinary.

“I’m very proud of her. Ever since she started I knew she was talented and she has always understood the music very well.”

Her father Vivek Hegde said: “She has always been good a piano, the only trouble we have is getting her to practice but we are very proud of her.”

Ahana, a pupil of Orley Farm School, in Harrow, is now working on her grade two piano while also learning to sing.

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