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30th November 2009
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Imagine if our grandparents had never developed their photographs - how would we get to see and experience our family history?  Luckily for us and our kids, we have a chance to take and pass on thousands of photographs from our everyday life. But are we sure that they will live long enough for future generations to see?


Downloading and saving images from your digital camera to computer is probably not as safe as you may think. 

  • Has your computer ever crashed or being attacked by a virus? 
  • Replacing Computers? have you backed-up?
  • Backed-data - is this going to be compitable with all future software?
  • Media used to Back-up  Floppy disc? Tape? CD? DVD? -will this last forever?
  • Online Storage? but how will your family know when you die?
  • Online Storage? what happens when you stop paying?


There is still nothing can beat having our precious memories accessible to your fingertips and for a hundred of years to come in a good old-fashioned printed photograph


The traditional Photo Albums are made with PVC, a plastic that has very poor storage qualities, accelerates deterioration of your photographs and contains harmful substances that tend to destroy photos over a short period time.


This is where we need to turn to Arrowfile who has been offering a unique range of photography albums that can store different size photographs in a single album.  Arrowfile albums use non-PVC acid free polypropylene to ensure that there is no more fading of photographs or sticking to the plastic.


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