Optimise your Facebook Business Page Using Google Analytics
5th April 2011
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Google analytics provides information about visitors to your website or blog and how they navigate. Insights gathered from Google Analytics enable you to optimise your online presence. Many business owners are aware of Google Analytics and use it on website and blog but not many use it on their Facebook Business pages.

With the increase in businesses and people using Facebook for marketing it follows that using Google Analytics on your Facebook business page is a must. There is no reason to treat your website any differently to your Facebook pages. To get the most from your investment in them, you need to know what your visitors are doing so you can make appropriate changes if necessary.

Facebook provides ‘Insights’ for your business page, these are useful but limiting. Statistics provided are limited to active users, daily likes, daily post views and daily post feedback.

Google Analytics provides a far more comprehensive set of information. Statistics will show specific page views, bounce rate and time spent on your site. You will learn where your visitors are located and which browser they use to find you. With all this knowledge you can optimise your pages and use to improve your marketing strategies. With all this knowledge you can change your website and Facebook pages to increase conversions and make more money online.

Google Analytics has built in automation so you can receive reports however often you like, direct into your Inbox. Then you can see where your visitors are spending there time and whether you need to alter pages to benefit from this information.

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