Office Stationery Supplier guide to Ergonomics in the Office
26th October 2010
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Rest your head on my shoulder …… your arm on my Keyboard Wrist Rest


Office Stationery Supplier guide to Ergonomics in the Office



 Ergonomics is rapidly becoming a major movement in the work place environment and one important aspect of ergonomics is being able to generate a healthy sitting (work) posture.  This requires the proper equipment.   Whilst there are many Ergonomic Chairs around that help keep you comfortable, many people still keep their keyboards on their desk or on keyboard trays, without adequate support.  By using a Keyboard Wrist Rest in front of the keyboard, most people will find that their arms and hands stay more comfortable due to being in a more natural position.

This in turn, helps relieve back and neck discomfort which can result in higher overall level of productivity and employee moods.  This is especially true when using the proper office chair set to the correct adjustments with a keyboard wrist rest, and having your computer monitor(s) set to the right height and angle.

Keyboard Trays usually have room for a keyboard and mouse pad, and a rest in front of the keyboard. By using a Keyboard Wrist Rest the user is able to keep their hands comfortably so they can type and click.  Added to this you can also use a Mouse Rest which will also provide added comfort required for the user. 

Keyboard Wrist and Mouse Rests are available in a variety of styles to fit any office colour scheme and are supplied by some of the world’s leading Office manufacturer’s, Fellowes, Compucessory, Kensington and more.


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