NO Memories, NO History! How Thousands of images are LOST forever everyday!
1st June 2010
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How safe are our Digital Photographs?

How will our future generation find our memories - their heritage?

Imagine if our grandparents had never developed their photographs - how would we get to see and experience our family history?  Luckily for us and our kids, we have a chance to take and pass on thousands of photographs from our everyday life. But are we sure that they will live long enough for future generations to see?

Computer Crash? Outdated Technology? aged CD & DVD's? ....

Downloading and saving images from your digital camera to computer is not as safe as you may think. 

Has your computer ever crashed or being attacked by a virus? 

What have you done with your old computer?  Sure, you backed up the data.  But which format did you use?  Floppy disc? Tape? CD? DVD? 

As any one of these will do - it’s fine, you are safe.  Or are you? CDs can get scratched, damaged or get so-called CD-rot

Also nowadays,  we do not even use floppy disc, tapes, even CDs are getting less an less used.  Although this technology is relatively recent, can you guarantee that our children or grandchildren will be able to use it?  Almost certainly not !

Online Memory and Photo Storage Option?

Using an online photography company for storing photos is another bet.  But, have you ever forgotten a password?  If not, that’s good, but how will your kids know your password when you are not around?  And that is, of course, if the online company keeps your photos forever!

So the solution may still be with the old fashioned analogue photography?

Fortunately, the solution can be very simple.  Nothing can beat having your precious memories accessible to your fingertips and for a hundred of years to come in a good old-fashioned printed photograph

However so long as they are not in a shoebox in the attic but in an archival quality photo album.

The traditional way of storing photographs in albums has severe shortcomings because most albums are made with PVC, a plastic that has very poor storage qualities, accelerates deterioration of your photographs and contains harmful substances that tend to destroy photos over a short period time.

What would be ideal is an Archival Quality Photo Storage System.

  • Acid Free, non - PVC pages to keep photos safe for years
  • Store so that we can search/find them quickly
  • Store various size in the same Album or folder
  • Scalable - so that as we take more pictures, the system lets us expand.
  • Record - write notes - index, etc...
  • able to re-organise as our priorities change

one such Archival Quality Photo Storage System used even by Museums is

Ezzyfile - click here


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