Need some inspiration for your blog? 10 tips for content
18th July 2011
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If you find that you need a little more help writing content for your blog the following tips may give you some ideas, of where to go to be inspired. Using some free tools that are available on the Internet to grow your knowledge about your niche and encourage conversation with your followers.

Google Alerts – You can set up Google alerts to find out what people are saying about a company, its products, the industry you are in or your niche. The alert can be edited to find web pages, newspaper articles or blogs. Google checks regularly for results in your chosen fields and sends an email to you daily (or as the news happens if you have elected for that).

Blog directories Technorati and Alltop are good sources for finding what other bloggers are saying about your niche. Both have comprehensive lists that are categorised supplying you with a wealth of information from the blog world.

Subscribe - Follow and subscribe to other bloggers who are experts in your field. This will keep you informed and in the know. Find out what they are discussing so you can gain inspiration from their writings.

Share – When you link to others don’t remain invisible. Have your say, whether you agree or disagree, and add your perspective to the comments. Adding to the conversation makes you more valuable. The Internet loves a good argument and controversy. Encourage readers to comment and interact with with you.

Poll – There are free web poll generators available for you to build your own poll. Ask your niche to vote on things that are relevant to your niche. Results form the poll can be used as content ideas for future blogs. Polldaddy, 99polls, Vizu and if you have your blog feed into your Facebook account you can place a poll on your fan page.

Blow – Blow your own trumpet about anything you are doing! If you are speaking at a conference, hosting an event, launching new products or services, tell your readers about it and post it to your blog. If you have a press release written and distributed place that on your blog too.

Tips – Share information in the form of information and tip lists about things that will be of interest to your followers. Ask them for their views to provoke comments, to not only spread the word but to start a conversation.

Categories – Make a list of your topics that you are blogging about, and then define into sub- topics. Transfer this listing to your calendar so that on any particular day you can see what you will be blogging about. You won’t need to think up an idea, you’ll already have it on your calendar.

Ask – On Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook you can ask questions and get an immediate answer, giving you another source to build your blog.

Top 10 lists – Place a list of what you consider to be the top 10 blogs in your niche, on your blog. People on the list will like the fact that they’ve made it on to a top 10 list and may write on their blog about it. It’s a good way to get known and build a reader following.

After a short time of blogging you will be receptive to all manner of snippets that will feed your blog writing. Keep a notebook handy, online or a paper one, to note down any happenings that could make good blog posts. You may find that a high percentage you may not use but the list can be a useful source of inspiration when you need it.

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