Need a Helpful Local Locksmith in a Hurry? - How Lucky Are You Feeling?
9th October 2010
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There are people who are helpful and then there are people who take advantage of the situation - the question is "how lucky are you feeling?"


The Panic

The evening before the morning we were off on a holiday, we realised that we could not lock our Garage door which would have compromised the alarm and hence the security of the whole property - 

Clear Emergency - of all the evenings this could have happened, why does it have to happen on this particular late evening -



Now, yes, I could get any local locksmith fix however I could not help but remember the last time I called an emergency Locksmith, I ended up having installed a completely new lock (very expensive and a bad deal as this was an emergency) and had had to pay a premium for labour costs only to findout later that the lock which was replaced could have been repaired.

Without looking forward to this, I called Martin Slane from IKS Locksmiths.  - What a pleasant surprice - respond within 30mins and fixed the problem in less than 10mins - and Guess what? he said "kesh - do not bother paying me as this was such a small job"  



Naturally I could not believe this!



When I have a job in future for a locksmith - who do you think I will remember FIRST  - Someone who has helped me and gained my TRUST or someone that I do not know? 

and this time I would be not be asking HOW MUCH but hear myself saying 



Its who you know?

So was I just simply lucky or was it the fact Martin had come highly recommended from my friends within thebestof? - and goes without saying - helps being known as the best connected in the NW London.








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