My experience with Ebay and Amazon – and the Question of Price & Trust
5th November 2010
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When My teenage daughter approached me with a request of getting her a Blackberry, naturally as being a fan of iphone -   I offered to buy her an iphone (more expensive).  She was quite firm - blackberry or nothing else. 

This demonstrates the power of peer pressure - you see all her “friends” have a BB and want to connect and communicate on BBM  -

As I always bought and sold phones on ebay -  hence without thinking visited ebay and within 10 mins WON the phone we were looking for.

I paid immediately by Paypal however the seller (with 5 positive feedback) did not acknowledge straight away – after some lame excuses “being too busy to mail” I received a full refund after 5 days stating that Royal Mail could not deliver and had returned the item.  Mmmmm... Likely story however did not provide any proof to back this claim.

So after having lost about 5 days,  I again found another phone on ebay – this time with a seller with over a 1000 100% positive feedback  - this time my money was refunded within 24 hours.  The seller claimed to be having some problems with Paypal.

Now my daughter, as kids can be very persistent, suggested I should buy from Amazon and almost all her friends do not trust ebay.  I defended that while I buy quite a few things from Amazon I have always found phones to be better value on ebay.

To prove my case I tried Amazon, only to find a new phone at the same price as it was on ebay but sold by Amazon themselves and was even cheaper by £30.00 if I buy from their market place – by this time I had enough dealing with 3rd party sellers (after 2 sellers in breach of ebay’s own seller non-performance policy), I decided to pay £30 more but buy from Amazon –

So why did I pay more – the answer is trust, if something goes wrong I have the preception that Amazon will put right.

Although I got all my money back in my dealings throuhg Ebay however I lost Time - With this experience behind me, I will be trusting Amazon even more ...


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