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31st December 2010
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PromoCard's Marketing Strategies Help Hair and Beauty businesses “Catch More Customers” 

We have worked with several hundred businesses over the past few years. We always discuss their ideas on marketing,

The question that comes up is, what is the right amount of marketing to do and to what extent? That very much depends on the service itself and its resources and ambitions. Here are some simple very cost effective strategies that we have helped implement in several hair and beauty outlets.

Most businesses agree that they are constantly in the fishing business, looking for new customers. They would also agree that the best hook for those new customers that are the existing happy clients that they already have. i.e. recommendations

What is often missed is that the amount of recommendation they actually get  does not just depend on how good a service they can provide - it also depends  – on how good and effective those happy clients are at recommending.

Several hundred businesses have found the PromoCard to be a very useful piece of bait on the end of the hook that helps attract new clients.

Many business now hand out their carefully constructed PromoCard after providing a service – many actually incorporate their price list and location map plus images of the salon or a model 

Being a credit card sized mini brochure it is easy for their clients to keep. It will then be able help repeat sales and new referrals – and generally helping to spread the word.

Another simple – very effective and inexpensive way to attract more customers that we suggest to our clients is to is to cross-promote as much as possible with other complimentary services that do not compete them and have the same customer base. 

For example;  Hair Salon – Beauty Salon – Gymnasiums – Health clubs   – Organic food – Opticians  - Sports clubs 

A simple way to do that is to agree to have each other’s marketing material to hand – even displayed as part of any POS. PromoCards can be a particularly useful devise to use in these situations being a credit card sized mini- brochure, that can easily be kept and handed out. See examples

Obviously it depends on the circumstances of each situation as to how appropriate this is and how far it this can be taken. However by offering a PromoCard to existing clients can be very useful acting as a reference, reminder and a hook to a website. It is also an example of what you do which they can show to family and friends.

We at PromoCards have helped several hundred business  Marketing Strategies you are welcome to download them free of charge FYI.

7 Simple Marketing Strategies


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