Local Professional Portrait Photographer: Short Notice Portraits
10th August 2010
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I took a short notice call last week from a client who needed some professional portraits for her own use. She told me that she needed them provided back to her that same day as this was her only free day in the near future.

Fortunately I was able to jiggle a few things out, but unfortunately I didn't have access to the studio at that short a notice. We therefore agreed that we'd take a walk in Enfield's Town Park and take some photographs that featured her in it's beautiful surrounds.

We met in the early afternoon and strolled into the park. Fortunately the skies were cloudy - which made for a beautiful soft light we could use to both of our advantages.

Here are a few of my favourite shots that we took in our hour together:


Get the flash player here: http://www.adobe.com/flashplayer

I returned to the office and spent a short while processing the images, before uploading them to my website where my client was able to choose her favourite six shots. These were then emailed out the same evening and the job was complete barely 12 hours after the original call.

Great fun, and very pleasing to be able to react so quickly and give my client what she needed. An email of thanks from my client later that night gave me a final warm feeling of a job well done and then it was "time for bed"!


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