Local Professional Photographer: Headshots, Buy Once, Use Many Times!
11th January 2011
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Just before Christmas, I had the pleasure of visiting the lovely people at Mike Varney Physiotherapy at their superbly appointed practice in Harlow, Essex. Amongst other things they had asked me to create some corporate headshots of their staff.

A scout around the practice showed me a suitable out of the way place to set up, and so at the end of a corridor, sandwiched between the Sports Hall and the Fire Exit, I set up my lights ready for my subjects.

I spent between five and ten minutes with each member of Mike's team, running through some simple variations on poses and taking maybe 20-30 shots of each of them. These were returned to the practice the next day, and I invited them to select 2-3 shots each for final retouching.

I completed the retouch the week after Christmas, delivering them on DVD in a range of resolutions, and sending a copy to the excellent Dean Vale, who manages their website.

The practice made their final selection and Dean has now uploaded these to their website.

Mike Varney Physiotherapy Website

Take a closer look here and see how a consistently exposed, professionally shot and finished headshot can help lift your website, and your personal profile above the mundane.

Because Mike and his team have my images on a DVD they can also use the images for any other promotional purposes - pay once, use many times - in a shrinking economy that's the kind of offer that no one can afford to ignore.


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