Local Office Fit out & Refurbishment - Creating the best Reception Area
14th November 2010
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Modular Reception Desk – Best For Contemporary Businesses

Many a significant decision has been made based solely on the first impressions a person has of a company. GXI Group believes the first impressions of an organisation, given by its primary appearance and environment can communicate the quality and standards by which it is perceived to operate.

The reception desk is, for many organisations,  the first point of contact with its visitors. Whether they are existing or potential clients, or members of the public, this is where the best relationships begin.

All too often, it is the receptionist who has benefitted from the attention to detail. Dressed smartly and with corporate pride, she meets and greets with aplomb.  Her manners are exemplary and her people skills perfectly honed. 

In comparison, sadly, the office reception desk rarely benefits and its appearance is mostly ignored. Organisations are very often oblivious to the value of an impressive looking office reception desk.

Reception desks do not have to be heavy, ponderous affairs, reminiscent of banks and financial institutions from the 1960s.  The days are gone  when all visitors were met by a wall of old, imposing mahogany and heavy glass screens.   Modern choices are many and varied with modular units being ideal for today’s contemporary business perspectives.

Simple to manage, they are available in straight, convex and concave modules, in different heights and widths which make space planning an area simple, regardless of its size. Pleasing colourways may be utilized to portray the style of business conducted, from a light and airy beech or maple for example, to a more subdued and austere  walnut finish. With modular reception units it is easy to create a unique, creative  welcome.  All offer an indication of quiet professionalism and make that all important great first impression

Some well placed lighting will further enhance the reception desk area,  together  with the addition of light reflecting mirrors.
Furthermore, ensure that walls and surrounding paintwork are complementary rather than garish which can have a negative result. Adding a vase of natural flowers can also contribute to the general effect.


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