Local NW London Architect: The Importantance of a Accurate Survey
21st July 2010
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We recently took over a project in NW London.  The project involved a simple single storey side and rear extension.  Unfortunateluy, our client had not appointed a architect but a non qualified person.  One assumes they surveyed the property and prepared existing plans and elevations.  Planning permission obtained. 

My client started building the scheme and realised the ground level was not correct.  There was a difference in ground level for about 1.5m from one end to other.  If they built as approved scheme, the extension would only have a headroom of 1.5m.  Despite this our client started to build the extension and made the adjustments on site, until 1 month in to the build, Planning Enforcement got involved and had the works stopped as it did not comply with planning.

The survey and drawings prepared were inaccurate, thus the planning permission received was inaccurate.

Unfortunately, when building projects goes wrong it causes a lot of stress to the owners and people occupying the property and alot of extra cost to try and resolve the matter.

We are currently trying to negotiate a solution with the local council to prevent the whole extension being removed.

Unfortunately, we come across so many projects like this.  The moral of the story is get a qualified architect to prepare a accurate survey and plans of the building.  Depending on the nature of the site and project, it's sometime worth appointing a Land Surveyor to conduct a topographical survey to get accurate levels and heights of buildings. 

Kishor Vekaria ARB RIBA APM studio V architects



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