Learn to Do It Yourself or Learn to Delegate - a Question for Business People
29th November 2009
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Running a Business requires several other knowledge and skills in addition to knowledge and skills one is an expert in their own business category.


For example, a holistic therapist or a letting agent or online e-com business any other business category, may have the expertise in what they do however when it comes to say marketing, most feel they can do it themselves or by enrolling themselves in various marketing courses.


How many times have you enrolled in these type of courses and decided to implement what you have learnt, however as time passed on, you still have not implemented?  The reason is simple because many of us just do not have the time to implement what we have learnt while running our own businesses well.


Let me share one of the hundreds of examples, I  have witnessed how some business people invest their time and pay hundreds of pounds to learn, how to advertise, SEO ( search engine optimisation),  PPC (pay per click), CRM, etc... ,


There is nothing wrong with this however one can question the fact that if they learn how to do it themselves - they now have LESS time running their own businesses which is what their expertise was in the first place. 


Not to mention what they learnt today (paying hundreds and investing their TIME) is going to be almost useless in a few months as technology and techniques moves on. 


Therefore business people should consider the art of delegation

 - matching the right people to the job in hand. 

For this one could use a professional Match-Maker. 


Now the Professional Match-Maker should not confused with someone who simply connects to a services required (like a glorified Directory) but a professional Entrepreneur who takes the time to know you, your business, what you want, why you want and most importantly everyone and everyone’s else’s business too.  


A Professional Match-Maker should connect taking into account several factors including personal and professional needs.


I know of an e-commerce business which was turning around £1000 per month which they were very proud of until they were introduced to a e-com web specialist. In less than eight months, the same company is turning around over £150,000 pm.


This example demonstrates that you have the best until you meet someone who is significantly better.


Kesh Morjaria – knows someone who is better.


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