Lead generation through Business Networking
8th March 2010
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Is lead generation a daunting, expensive and massive task?
Is the only route to create profitable lead generation through an expensive marketing campaign?

No! - The truth is lead generation can be cost effective, hugely profitable and the best bit? – FUN!  Thousands of business owners are achieving successful lead generation through The Business Club, The Best of, BNI, Key Connectors, Ecademy & many more.  Also known as ‘word-of-mouth’ marketing, business networking is one of the most effective ways to create lead generation.

Whilst expensive marketing campaigns may yield returns, using business networking groups to create lead generation can achieve greater success.  Lead generation through business networking enables you to be more focused in your pre-sales positioning and more specific about whom you do business with.  Increased lead generation can also be achieved by aligning your sales ‘pitch’ to meet each individual client’s needs – impossible with a ‘blanket’ marketing campaign. 
So if it’s that easy to successfully achieve lead generation from attending business networking events, then why is it so many people who try it, fail?
Think about the latest marketing campaign you used for your business to create lead generation; randomly sending out 1000 leaflets for lead generation doesn’t automatically make your marketing campaign successful.  They need to be targeted, distribution monitored and above all, followed-up.  The same principal needs to be followed for lead generation through business networking; and that’s where many businesses fail. 
Simply attending business networking groups won’t automatically result in lead generation for your business.  Successful lead generation through business networking has to be a disciplined, targeted and measured activity, and all leads MUST be followed up.  This may sound like common sense, but you’d be amazed at just how many people believe they’ve done enough to create lead generation just by turning up!
How successful you become at lead generation through business networking groups is massively affected by you - your attitude and approach.  Having someone blatantly using you to create their lead generation is an uncomfortable experience, so you need to be friendly, professional, trustworthy and above all nice!  The truth is, everyone is there to try to create lead generation for their business, but some will be more successful than others at it.
Pushing your product at every person in the group will result in alienating yourself, your business and a Zero in lead generation!  However, taking the time to genuinely get to know people will start to build business relationships, mutual trust and respect. Lead generation then takes another positive step as they introduce you to their contacts, creating many more lead generation opportunities than you would have achieved if you simply approached them as a potential client! 
So business networking + lead generation = A great team and a great way to build your business!  To find out how to create lead generation opportunities for your business visit

Thornton Holmes
The Business Club North London.

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