landlords - It's not what have but who you KNOW
10th November 2009
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this is the story of one City Landlord -

When ever an old tenant left or at the end of their tenency agreement, this landlord whom I will call Mary (to protect her privacy) used to spend £1000's ....

  • on Decorating, Re-furnishing, etc...  
  • Letting agents fee
  • couple of months loss of rental
  • delayed Rents
  • No Rental Guarantee

Since Mary (buy2let landlord) was introduced to County Rents by thebestofbrent.  Mary has ...

  • spent a fraction on Decorating, Re-furnishing, etc...
  • saved all the Letting Agents Fee
  • had the new tenants move in 2 days after the previous ones left
  • rents in time paid by DD
  • the rents Guaranteed

This demonstrates to save or make money, it's who you know that matters.

If you are a Landlord and like Mary, you want to save money, time & headaches, then maybe you would like thebestofbrent to connect you to County Rents CLICK HERE -


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